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Welcome To Kokan Crocodile Safari

konkan crocodile safari is a website totally dedicated to our activity of crocodile safari at maldoli. we are conducting this maldoli crocodile safari for the last 3 years and are very happy to see the amazing responce from people to this initiative.

Maldoli Safari

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this is the reason that we are launching this specialized website for kokan crocodile safari, with the help of which people can get solutions to all their needs, requirements and queries related to this activity and can book their crocodile safari within fraction of seconds.

along with crocodile safari at maldoli,we have also established infrastructure that will provide luxury accommodation facilities and delicious cuisines to the visitors and will help to make your crocodile safari tour a memorable one !! so book your crocodile safari today !!!



There are lot many attractions for tourist in Konkan. Maldoli village is one of the attractions located near Chiplun on the bank of Vashishti river. The main attraction of this village is Crocodile Safari there are lot many crocodiles in the river who are freely resides in this river, along with that the picturesque nature and the different types of birds attracts the tourists.

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If you are thinking about visiting the Kerala backwaters no need to go this much long, We are having a better option in our Konkan. Maldoli is better option to visit, located 22 km. away from Chiplun.
This village is situated on the bank of Vashishti river which gives you a feeling of being in Kerala. The small small villages on the banks of this river the picturesque nature the small islands in the back waters of the river, the peaceful climate far away from the noisy cities, the silent flowing water, soothing climate makes you forget the entire remaining world. But nowadays the tourists are more attracted to see the crocodiles in the river.

Maldoli is a very small village which has very less contact with the noisy world. The god has given a very beautiful nature and soothing climate to this village although this village is not known by the outside world. But nowadays tourists are visiting this place. The credit very much goes to Mr. Sandesh Sansare who started this Crocodile Safari one and half year before. At the time of starting, the crocodile safari was done in the large boat, after that for the comfort of the tourists the cottages was built by Mr. Sandesh Sansare. Tourists come here to travel in the backwater as well as the main attraction is to see the crocodiles. You can see many crocodiles in this river. Nowadays crocodile safari is done in speed boats, having capacity of 15 tourists at a time. In a single safari you can see minimum 8 to 22 crocodiles. The length of crocodiles is about 8 to 10 feet. June to February is good season for crocodile safari, the atmosphere is very good and there is greenery every where in this period.